Engineering for the Medical Industry

Rainbow Medical Engineering

Making the Unmakeable

Rainbow Medical, working in close partnership with our customers, designs and develops bespoke plastic joining and cutting technologies for the medical industry, to meet customers’ required specification and material selection.

We further develop prototype tooling to prove the application, conduct detailed trials and test the customer’s components to ensure that they meet specification. Once proved, we manufacture assembly equipment for small to large scale production.

Bespoke and Unique Solutions

We can provide custom tooling solutions and special purpose machines for all your welding and joining requirements. Our welding systems have been designed specifically for the medical device industry and for cleanroom operation.

With our unique customer and development service, we offer you a turn-key solution for quick and easy installation with minimum distraction to your current production line. Rainbow provide full after-sales support, schedule service and calibration. Our training programme allows your staff to conduct diagnostic tests, software updates and routine maintenance.

All machines are supplied with a comprehensive service manual and a 3-year parts warranty. All parts have a unique part number laser etched on the surface for ease of identification and replacement.

Bespoke Tooling Solutions

ultrasonic welding icon

Ultrasonic Welding

Full range of ultrasonic welding equipment to meet all your thermoplastic welding needs.


High reliability precision staking with minimum heat distortion.

ultrasonic cutting tool icon

Ultrasonic Cutting

Round or profiled burr-free cutting without the need of secondary operations.

hotplate and seam welding icon

Seam and Hotplate Welding

Bespoke seam and hotplate welding of thermoplastic and fabrics.

spin welding icon

Spin Welding

For reliable joining of cylindrical devices. Watertight seals with no adhesives.

process control icon

Process Control

Full process control software to meet the most demanding regulatory and QC requirements.

Class 7 Clean Room Launch

Rainbow Medical is pleased to announce the opening of our new, purpose-built Class 7 Clean Room.

This facility enables us to fully meet our customers’ ever-increasing requirements, including verification, validation and product-build in a controlled environment.

Oxira authorised distributor


OXIRA units have been developed to provide a convenient source of UV-C and Ozone to help purify your air.
UV-C radiation has a long history of germicidal use as it damages the DNA and proteins of viruses, stopping them
reproducing (including COVID-19). In micro-organisms the chemical bonds get disrupted, causing the cells to die.

Visit for more details or download the Oxira product datasheet.

Frequently asked questions we have received during the 2020/21 Coronavirus pandemic regarding germicidal ultraviolet (UV-C) disinfection.